Ultra light weight
maximum comfort (only 4 grams)

Hands-Free Operation
minimize cross-contamination

time saving and stress reducing

reducing arm and shoulder fatigue by reducing constant adjustment of the cumbersome overhead light

Light on Demand
work efficiently to enhance quality and productivity

Cost Effective
equipment for your hygienists and assistants too = more effecient team work

Reduces Patient Anxiety
less stress

Adaptable to All Eyewear
keep your favorite loupe or eye glasses

Green Initiative
cost pennies to operate=generate less unwanted heat=less cooling bill=energy conservation

No More Overhead Light Fixture
technological advancement and elevate the quality of your service

Pays For Itself
by saving energy and increasing productivity

Long Battery Life
lasts up to 18 hours

1. Start at the back neck.

4. Attach battery to your side.

7. Connect male/female plugs.

2. Place underneath the scrubs.

5. Secure battery to your pants.

8. Gently push together to confirm connection.

3. Grab battery at the hip.

6. Clip connectors to your scrubs.

9. Test "hands-free" button to ensure proper connection.

1) Lithium ion battery pack, with easy access On/Off button, adjustable intensity control and durable metal clip

1) LED Head lamp

1) Glasses mounting adapter mounting kits

1) Orange filter with Easy Clip adapter

1) Battery charger with ready light indicator (110/220 volt)

Specifications: Intensity: 30K - 70K lux. | Lithium ion battery: lasts 8 - 20 hours | Daily charging time: 1.5 hours